How to Use Social Media Holidays in Your Marketing

As the winter holidays are long gone, and the initial excitement of summer is ending, you may be running out of ideas for what to post on your social media channels. It’s tempting to gravitate toward niche social media holidays, but are they a waste of time? Are you jumping on a bandwagon or a trend rather than creating an effective social media strategy?

How to find hashtags to use on Instagram

High-density are hashtags that have over 500,000 posts. There is a lot of competition when using these hashtags, as new posts are made with them every few seconds, making it harder to get a high-ranking post.

Social recruiting for your business – Not just a novelty

Social Media has become the largest tool for networking and recruiting new employees. as a business owner or human resources professional, you should not overlook social recruiting. recruiting online isn’t just limited to linkedin.

Instagram’s new Algorithm Feed

Have you heard the news?  Instagram is changing their news feed!  Before you hit the panic button, let’s walk through the changes so you can capitalize on them.  

Twitter is changing their ways

Do you ever open your twitter account, only to feel like you have missed very important tweets? We know we do. We’re following our favorite pages so we can see their really cool posts, important updates, learn new information and more!

What to do with that #Hashtag

No matter what generation you’re from, you have seen the hashtag (please don’t call it a pound sign) on social media.  Love it or hate it, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.  They’re so popular, the word was even added to the dictionary a few years ago!