What to do with that #Hashtag

What to do with that #Hashtag

No matter what generation you’re from, you have seen the hashtag (please don’t call it a pound sign) on social media.  Love it or hate it, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.  They’re so popular, the word was even added to the dictionary a few years ago!

It’s important that your business find ways to incorporate them into your posts.  Consumers search on platforms via hashtag.  If I want to know something about construction, I search #Construction or #Machinery.  Fitness?  #Workout or #Running.  

Can you use too many hashtags?  YES!   It is important to think about how you can maximize engagement on all of your social media posts.  Using too many or too few will impact that metric depending on the platform you’re using.  

Here are our rules of engagement for hashtags:

  1. Facebook – no more than two
  2. Twitter – no more than two
  3. Instagram – no less than 10

I’m sure you’re wondering, so where can’t I use hashtags.  Leave the hashtags off of your LinkedIn posts.  This platform is a bit more formal and hashtags should be left out of the post.  

In closing, you can overdo it and we wouldn’t love that.  Don’t be too long, don’t be irrelevant and don’t use more than necessary!  

​This video is one of our favorites.  Check it out: