Social recruiting for your business – Not just a novelty

Social recruiting for your business – Not just a novelty

Social media has become the largest tool for networking and recruiting new employees. As a business owner or human resources professional, you should not overlook social recruiting.  Recruiting online isn’t just limited to LinkedIn.  Over 92% of companies are using social media, including Facebook and Twitter, to help recruit their newest team members. Here are some statistics to show social recruitment is not just a flash in the pan:

  • 73% of employees are hired with the aid of social media
  • 42% of companies say the quality of candidates has improved
  • 31% increase in employee referrals
  • 59% of employees say a company’s social media presence influenced their decision
  • 14.4 million people in the U.S. alone have used social media to job search

One of our favorite ways to recruit online is with the Facebook recruiting app called Jobcast. This app allows employers and recruiters to create fully branded careers sections on their company Facebook page. Jobcast allows you to tap into Facebook’s over 1 billion active users, is quite affordable and their packages are suitable for companies of all sizes.  

Don’t forget, the future workforce loves social media. Gen Xers and Millennials use social media for anything and everything, including job searches.  Social media is also a good opportunity for you to see the creative, more personal side of a prospective employee.  This could help give you insight into other things that might not jump off the page of the typical resume or in an interview.  

Recruiting online isn’t going away.  Get up to speed and start using this great way to recruit new employees!