How to Use Social Media Holidays in Your Marketing

How to Use Social Media Holidays in Your Marketing

As the winter holidays are long gone, and the initial excitement of summer is ending, you may be running out of ideas for what to post on your social media channels. It’s tempting to gravitate toward niche social media holidays, but are they a waste of time? Are you jumping on a bandwagon or a trend rather than creating an effective social media strategy? 


While posting for these holidays might seem arbitrary, it’s actually a great way to stay active on social media and connect with new members of your target audience — which is ultimately your business’s first (and top) priority. However, without context, these posts risk sounding cliche or unauthentic. 


Posting for every obscure holiday isn’t the best idea, but picking ones that relate to your business is. For example, if you work with animals or cater to pet owners, posting for Pet Appreciation Week is a fun way to engage with your audience. Encourage them to comment with pictures of their pets or share their favorite animal-related memory. 


June 5, National Thank You Day, is a holiday that most businesses can relate to. Take this day to thank your clients for their continued partnership and support. If you miss posting that day, National Gratitude Month is in November. For more ideas, check out National Today. It’s a gold mine for picking on-brand holidays for your business. 


Adding holiday posts to your content calendar helps to start conversations, boost sales and engagement, and help you promote your brand from a different lens.  So, don’t risk your business’s reputation and credibility; start prepping your marketing strategies sooner rather than later to prevent crafting a backlog of generic posts. 


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